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SFU.ca - Simon Fraser University



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  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/images/facebook png
    Alt text: SFU Facebook
  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/images/youtube png
    Alt text: SFU YouTube
  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/images/twitter png
    Alt text: SFU Twitter
  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/images/instagram png
    Alt text: SFU Instagram
  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/images/snapchat png
    Alt text: SFU Snapchat
  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/images/support png
    Alt text: Give To SFU
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    Alt text: background text
  • Img src: /content/dam/sfu/main/redesign-2015/background_info png
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  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/new-student-awards-created-with--500-000-gift-from-beedie-family img png/1480021232997 jpg
    Alt text: New student awards created with $500,000 gift from Beedie family
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/graduates-apply-skills-to-improve-communities-as-global-interns img png/1479928120225 jpg
    Alt text: Graduates apply skills to improve communities as global interns
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/siat-team-takes-peoples-choice--top-student-prize-in-vancouver-u img png/1479935507583 jpg
    Alt text: SIAT team takes people’s choice, top student prize in Vancouver UX contest
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/imesh-indigenizing-sfu-through-the-application-of-culture-and-history img png/1479509240467 jpg
    Alt text: Indigenizing SFU through the “app”lication of culture and history
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/sfu-moves-to-decrease-carbon-footprint-of-its-investment-portfolio/_jcr_content img jpg/1371072282 jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/sfu-drug-researchers-receive-a-boost-from-province/_jcr_content img jpg/1480014110 jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/enactus-sfu-media-minds-surrey-community-engagement/_jcr_content img jpg/1479755784 jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /content/sfu/sfunews/stories/2016/italian-artist-brings-community-members-and-sfu-theatre-students/_jcr_content img jpg/1479856602 jpg
    Missing "alt" text!
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/image_3 img png/1446132743856 png
    Alt text: file
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/image_1 img png/1473194156653 png
    Alt text: The Engaged University
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/image_0 img png/1473194119926 png
    Alt text: Give To SFU
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/image img png/1473194052440 png
    Alt text: Campuses
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/image_2 img png/1473194083900 png
    Alt text: Events
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/textimage_3/image img jpg/1480027666814 jpg
    Alt text: We're decreasing our carbon footprint
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/textimage_1/image img png/1479749717371 png
    Alt text: SFU expands in Surrey city centre
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/textimage_2/image img jpg/1479511385445 jpg
    Alt text: your journey begins here
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/textimage_0/image img jpg/1479511403381 jpg
    Alt text: experience your degree
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/below_content/textimage/image img jpg/1479511436927 jpg
    Alt text: Our students think they can change the world Who are we to argue?
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/footer-right/parsys/image img png/1375815515345 png
    Alt text: NCAA
  • Img src: /content/sfu/main/_jcr_content/footer-right/parsys/image_0 img png/1375815585038 png
    Alt text: BC Education Quality Assurance

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  • Href: facebook com/simonfraseruniversity
    Title: SFU Facebook
  • Href: youtube com/user/SFUNews
    Title: SFU YouTube
  • Href: twitter com/sfu
    Title: SFU Twitter
  • Href: instagram com/simonfraseru/
    Title: SFU Instagram
  • Href: snapchat com/add/simonfraseru
    Title: SFU Snapchat
  • Href: give sfu ca
    Title: Give To SFU
  • Href: /main/dashboard/students html
    Title: Students
  • Href: /main/dashboard/faculty-staff html
    Title: Faculty + staff
  • Href: /main/dashboard/alumni html
    Title: Alumni
  • Href: /main/dashboard/parents-public html
    Title: Parents + public
  • Href: /main/dashboard/employers html
    Title: Employers
  • Href: /main/dashboard/media html
    Title: Media
  • Href: /sfunews/stories/2016/new-student-awards-created-with--500-000-gift-from-beedie-family html
    Title: New student awards created with $500,000 gift from Beedie family
  • Href: /sfunews/stories/2016/graduates-apply-skills-to-improve-communities-as-global-interns html
    Title: Graduates apply skills to improve communities as global interns
  • Href: /sfunews/stories/2016/siat-team-takes-peoples-choice--top-student-prize-in-vancouver-u html
    Title: SIAT team takes people’s choice, top student prize in Vancouver UX contest
  • Href: /sfunews/stories/2016/imesh-indigenizing-sfu-through-the-application-of-culture-and-history html
    Title: Indigenizing SFU through the “app”lication of culture and history
  • Href: /main/dashboard/students html
    Title: Students
  • Href: /main/dashboard/alumni html
    Title: Alumni
  • Href: /main/dashboard/employers html
    Title: Employers
  • Href: /main/dashboard/faculty-staff html
    Title: Faculty + staff
  • Href: /main/dashboard/parents-public html
    Title: Parents + public
  • Href: /main/dashboard/media html
    Title: Media


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