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EDNET.ae - Education Network for Universities & Colleges in UAE



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  • first 6
  • ajman 6
  • apr 5
  • sheikh 5

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  • university 23
  • uae 13
  • dubai 13
  • education 11
  • 2018 9
  • dhabi 8
  • abu 8
  • board 5
  • first 5
  • apr 5
  • new 5
  • ednet 5
  • ajman 5
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  • Img src: ednet ae/templates/ednet/img/ednet-logo png
    Alt text: EDNET ae
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1775/CUCA-785x590-6 jpg
    Alt text: CUCA Inaugurates New Campus
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1763/Myriad-website-thumbnail%20736x292 jpg
    Alt text: New student community to be built in Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1765/AUS-Drone-370x292 jpg
    Alt text: AUS launches first university-based drone academy in UAE
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1766/Dewa-homepage-featured%20370x292 jpg
    Alt text: DEWA Announces Registration is Open for 2nd Solar Decathlon Middle East in 2020
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1767/GETEX-2018-wide jpg
    Alt text: Getex 2018 coverage
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1420/AUS-min png
    Alt text: American University of Sharjah
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1436/UAEU-min png
    Alt text: United Arab Emirates University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1414/Abu%20Dhabi-min png
    Alt text: Abu Dhabi University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1429/Khalifa-min png
    Alt text: Khalifa University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1415/Ajman-min png
    Alt text: Ajman University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1435/RIT-min png
    Alt text: Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1438/University%20of%20Sharjah-min png
    Alt text: University of Sharjah
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1424/Gulf-min png
    Alt text: Gulf Medical University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1440/Zayed-min png
    Alt text: Zayed University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1434/RAK-min png
    Alt text: RAK Medical and Health Sciences University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1418/AUE-min png
    Alt text: American University in the Emirates
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1428/Heriot-Watt-min png
    Alt text: Heriot-Watt University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1439/Wollongong-min png
    Alt text: University of Wollongong in Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1423/Emirates%20Aviation-min png
    Alt text: Emirates Aviation University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1421/Amity-min png
    Alt text: Amity University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1433/Murdoch-min png
    Alt text: Murdoch University Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1425/Hamdan%20Bin%20Mohammed-min png
    Alt text: Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1430/Manipal-min png
    Alt text: Manipal University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1422/British%20University%20in%20Dubai-min png
    Alt text: British University in Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1416/Al%20Ain-min png
    Alt text: Al Ain University of Science and Technology
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1417/AUD-min png
    Alt text: American University in Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1419/Ras%20Al%20Khaimah-min png
    Alt text: American University of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1426/HCT-min png
    Alt text: HCT - Dubai Men's College
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1427/HCT-min png
    Alt text: HCT - Dubai Women's College
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1768/DrAssaf-350x310 jpg
    Alt text: Exclusive video interview with Dr Yousef Al-Assaf, President - RIT Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1773/notebooks-350x310 jpg
    Alt text: Abu Dhabi University donates 25,000 notebooks
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1771/CUBESAT-homepage-708x310 jpg
    Alt text: UAE students to display CubeSat projects at Global Aerospace Summit
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1772/Sorbonne-University-Abu-Dhabi-708x310 jpg
    Alt text: Sheikh Mohammed announces grant for Emiratis to study at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1712/quran jpg
    Alt text: Birmingham Qur'an: digital exhibition in Dubai for first time
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1769/AUS-Chancellor_New-GIF gif
    Alt text: Exclusive video interview with Björn Kjerfve, PhD, AUS Chancellor
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1756/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: UAE University launches Arabic Language Academy
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1723/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: HBMSU, Al Maktoum College of Higher Education in Scotland Sign MoU to Conduct Research and Training on Globalization and Islamic Economy
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1701/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: Google Innovation Hub opens at UAE University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1693/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: Laboratory for monitoring radiation levels opens at Khalifa University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1659/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum sets up board of trustees of British University in Dubai
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1655/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: Ajman University Chancellor Joins QS IGAUGE International Advisory Board
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1535/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: Dubai's Amanat acquires 35% stake in Abu Dhabi University
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1580/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: GCC’s education project pipeline valued at $50bn
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1687/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: Ministry of Education, Adek services streamlined
  • Img src: ednet ae/storage/1671/conversions/thumb jpg
    Alt text: Plagiarism- The practice to stay away from
  • Img src: ednet ae/templates/ednet/img/ednet-logo png
    Alt text: EDNET ae

Text/Link Ratio

There is 1 link per every 47 words.

Text links

There are 10 links.
  • Href: ednet ae/videos/cuca-inaugurates-new-campus
    Title: CUCA Inaugurates New Campus
  • Href: ednet ae/events/aetex-2018
    Title: AETEX 2018
  • Href: ednet ae/events/future-generation-competition-at-middle-east-electricity-2018
    Title: Future Generation Competition at Middle East Electricity 2018
  • Href: ednet ae/city/dubai
    Title: University in Dubai
  • Href: ednet ae/city/abu-dhabi
    Title: University in Abu Dhabi
  • Href: ednet ae/city/sharjah
    Title: University in Sharjah
  • Href: ednet ae/city/ajman
    Title: University in Ajman
  • Href: ednet ae/city/al-ain
    Title: University in Al Ain
  • Href: ednet ae/city/fujairah
    Title: University in Fujairah
  • Href: ednet ae/city/ras-al-khaimah
    Title: University in Ras Al Khaimah


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